Haven’t got much time to train, but still want to hit your upper body? Try this lo-tech, hi-effect sequence based on 4 pushing movements.

Perform the following push up workout as one continuous sequence using a moderate tempo. The entire sequence should take you no more than 20-30 seconds. Use good form throughout and repeat the push ups as many times as you can (without rest) to get your score.

If you are new to push ups or would prefer to start at an easier level, you can perform the same sequence on your knees (box position).

  1. Close grip push up
  2. Wide grip push up
  3. Regular push up
  4. Dive bomber push up

So how did you do?

  • 1-2 cycles    Hmmm….so so
  • 3-4 cycles    Not bad
  • 5-6 cycles    Now we’re getting somewhere
  • 7-8 cycles    Wicked good
  • 9+ cycles    Mad skillz!

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