There’s a lot more to cycling than the bike itself. If your time in the saddle isn’t just a short trip to work and back, it might be worth investing in some quality cycle gear. From staying safe to scanning speed, locking up to looking slick, we’ve rounded up the best apps, attire and accessories for those who mean business on two wheels.

Top 7 : cycling gear, gadgets and accessories

1. For on-the-go hydration: Camelbak Crux 1.5L Reservoir

Perfect for long-distance riders, these leak-proof water containers can be popped into your backpack for easy hydration. There’s a handy on/off lever to seal the drinking tube shut with one hand, and a bite valve that seals itself after each drink. With this handy cycling gear you can focus on your cycling without any distractions or drips.

2. For smart signalling: Lumos Helmet

As far as cycling gear and gizmos go, this next-generation bike helmet is an all-rounder.  It’s the world’s first smart helmet and has won a score of awards for its clever design and functionality. Lights, indicators and hard brake signals are all powered by the Bluetooth-powered remote control on your handlebar. Staying safe on the road has never looked so stylish.

3. For advanced fitness tracking: Polar M460 GPS Bike Computer

Stay on top of your metrics even when you’re off the beaten track. Thanks to its integrated GPS and barometer you can track your speed, distance, altitude and gradient. Slap on the heart rate sensor for accurate performance reviews and link up to popular cycle-tracking app Strava for real-time data and social sharing.

4. For weatherproof style: Le Col Unisex Gilet

Cycling often calls for attire that’s both wind and rain resistant. This breathable gilet is an ideal spring/summer staple, with a mesh panel at the back for added breathability. If you’re embarking on a mountain biking mission, the light fabric rolls up into a neat little package. Roadside, its reflective tabs make sure you’re visible in low light.

5. For tunes on two wheels: Scosche BoomBottle H20

Headphones while cycling is dangerous, but music isn’t. Shaped like a water bottle, it fits snugly into your bike’s bottle cage and wirelessly streams music during your ride. If you’re heading off-road, the BoomBottle’s waterproof and dustproof features means no amount of splashing or mud will damage it. Time to get that power-pedal playlist sorted.

6. For protected palms: Mavic short fingers glove

Minimal, lightweight and hardwearing, there’s a reason Mavic are a popular brand for cyclists. These stylish mitts are designed to offer comfort without weighing wrists down, with an ergonomic cut for maximum flexibility. They also come with Hot Ride UV protection, so you don’t mistake your hands for lobsters after a day riding in the sun.

7. For heavy duty security: Kryptonite New York Lock

They might be at the pricier end of the anti-theft protection budget, but these locks are a bike thief’s worst nightmare. No bolt cutters can work their way through its super-tough steel shackle and its double deadbolt gives double the security. Another handy feature are the three stainless steel keys: one is equipped with an LED light – ideal for nighttime cycling. This is the perfect addition to your cycling gear.


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