The Osma 5 is the latest model amongst several Feelmax athletic/performance shoes, and is the update to the Osma 4.




  • Design 4/5
  • Features/Functionality 5/5
  • Performance 4/5
  • Value 5/5
  • Overall 4.5/5
  • Ultra-thin sole
  • Wide toe box
  • Zero drop
  • Quick lace system
  • Breathable
  • Slight toe-spring
  • Ultra-thin sole takes time to get used to




The Osma 5 barefoot athletic shoe is the latest update in the Osma range.

Founded in 1993, Feelmax claim to have the thinnest outsole of any footwear product available in the world. Depending on the model, the thickness ranges from 1.0-2.5 mm. The 1mm outsole is specially produced by the well-known and respected German tire manufacturer, Continental®.


Compared to the previous model, the new design has made way for a larger breathable mesh, which makes the shoe more lightweight.

Many barefoot shoes look like barefoot shoes – this is not an issue for purists, but could be a purchasing barrier for many. With the Osma 5 – it looks remarkably like a traditional training shoe. In this sense, the design has been well-executed and the minimal aesthetics will have wide appeal.


The Osma 5 has the new NatuRun Minimo™ 2.5mm outsole and features a quick lace system (still functioning to date). You never get the feeling that the shoe is becoming loose – especially when you’re exercising or running hard. The ultra-thin sole is not the first thing to hit you (as with many barefoot shoes) – this is probably because the upper is well-padded, with soft-edging around the ankle. There is also adequate cushioning around the back of the heel. All in all, this takes away from the fact that you are extremely close to the ground.

Functionally, the Osma 5 ticks all the right barefoot shoe attributes – flexible sole, wide toe box (though not the widest I’ve seen) and ultra-thin sole. There was a slight toe-spring out of the box, but this has flattened over time.


I’ve tested the shoes across 3 different activities –  general day to day working, at the gym, and running.

So far, the Osma 5 makes daily activities very comfortable (standing, walking) with very little foot fatigue. I have mostly worn them without socks and there’s no smell (yet) or any blisters. If you’re on your feet a lot, this is a super-comfortable shoe. During gym workouts, the shoe performs well, and feels great during higher intensity workouts. Plyometric activity feels comfortable with no slipping, and traction is good on the gym floor. During 5K runs on-road and on grass, the shoes feel comfortable with good traction and ground feel. Ive not tested them on longer runs or off-road.


The shoe is currently priced at €99.89 which is competitive against the likes of Vivobarefoot and Merrell.


If you’re an advocate of barefoot shoes, then you will easily find a place for the Osma 5 in your daily life. I’ve always preferred Vivobarefoot Stealth/Primus for almost every activity; and more recently, have a fondness for the Merrell Vapor Glove for running. But with the Feelmax Osma 5, I have now found a great all-round shoe that feels at home during all movement – from walking and running to high intensity exercise. At EVO, we support barefoot movement, but if you don’t want to go completely barefoot, then the Osma 5 is an excellent alternative. Don’t forget to go one size up from your usual shoe size.

VERDICT: The Feelmax Osma 5 is a lightweight, flexible shoe that feels comfortable during any activity.