Gymnastic skills are more popular than ever, having been brought to public attention by martial arts, Parkour, dance and recent Olympic coverage. However, as a specialized form of body weight training, it’s relatively easy to include simple gymnastic progressions that will not only add variety to your training, but will also quickly improve efficiency in many other exercises.

Over the past decade, gymnastics has come a long way. Viewed by many as the pinnacle of elite sports performance, it has found its way into contemporary culture through the continued growth of martial arts, dance, and parkour. Due to this growth, more and more people are now exploring gymnastics as a way to learn a new skill and to improve their fitness.


Although the modern sport of gymnastics involves equipment such as bars, rings, vaults and beams, in basic form, gymnastics training involves the practice of body weight exercises designed to improve strength, balance and coordination.

Video: black& white gymnastics  Video: black& white gymnastics

Interestingly, the same three attributes formed the basis of our own motor development. As young children we manipulated our own body weight to increase strength, balance and coordination, enabling us to sit, crawl, stand, squat, walk, run and jump. Unfortunately, many of us discontinued this movement education as we grew older.


At EVO, we understand that optimal levels of strength, balance and coordination can be achieved through regular practice of seven fundamental movements:

  1. Squatting
  2. Lunging
  3. Bending
  4. Pushing
  5. Pulling
  6. Twisting
  7. Locomotion

Simple gymnastic skills such as jumping, tumbling, handstands, swinging, and rolling all use the above movements in a natural and integrated way. Starting with simple progressions, these skills can be included in almost any fitness workout to complement, and even replace existing exercises.


  1. Requires no equipment
  2. Improves body awareness
  3. Engages your body with the environment
  4. Teaches you to move with intention and integrity
  5. Improves strength, power, speed, coordination, balance and flexibility
  6. Improves efficiency in other movements
  7. Fun and challenging


EVO maintains a strong position on gymnastics training – we believe that the development of skillful, purposeful and playful movement is the key to lifelong health. A big part of this development lies in the mastery of bodyweight movement and control through gymnastics. Therefore, all our clubs have a spacious and enriched environment, where you will feel comfortable practicing and refining your gymnastic skills.

If you are interested in learning how to incorporate gymnastics training into your workout, please speak to an EVO Personal Trainer for advice and guidance on where to begin.