Climbing can make you feel unstoppable. The drive to overcome that next step, the confidence to go higher, the empowerment of conquering a beast of a corner.

Once you’ve caught the climbing bug, nothing compares. It’s the most natural way of moving, using muscles you probably didn’t know you even had. But every decision counts when you’re battling the boulder, whether it’s a natural cliff face or a training wall, so it’s important to have best kit for the climb. From hybrid-shell helmets to panic-proof belaying devices, we’ve rounded up our favourite climbing gear and equipment:

The 6 best climbing gear & equipment

1. La Sportiva Mythos eco climbing shoe

Conquer those overhangs with these crazy comfortable climbers. Whether you’re mastering a mountain or are just getting to grips with the gym wall, these eco-friendly climbing shoes rise to the challenge. Solid heel support, adjustable fit and super-grippy outsoles, La Sportiva Mythos eco climbing shoes can really wrap around a rock for accurate smedging and smearing.

2. Petzl Corax harness

Have a crack at any wall with confidence by strapping up with this versatile climbing gear. Whatever your style or body shape, the Petzl Corax harness has easy-adjust leg loops, buckles and waistbelt to keep you in control. Breathe easy with its soft-mesh body sling, designed to keep pressure points comfortable for long, all-day climbs.

3. Wild Country Revo

The Wild Country Revo climbing gear is popular for a reason. It’s the first bi-directional assisted locking belay device, touted for being the ‘holy grail’ of secure belaying. It opens like a dream, with virtually zero locking while pulling out slack. No short-roping, no need for a specific locking karabiner, and a completely panic-proof locking system. Don’t worry about which way the rope’s going, either, the nifty device’s dual direction feature has that sorted.

4. Black Diamond Vector helmet

Lightweight doesn’t mean light protection. The Vector helmet by Black Diamond will give you full-head coverage without the heaviness, so you can stay agile on long routes and alpine climbs. It’s well ventilated so your sweaty climber’s head can breathe in tougher climates, giving ‘barely there’ comfort. In-mold headlamp clips make sure the helmet fits securely to your head, with a hardy EPS foam and polycarbonate shell. The fact it comes in a range of colours is delightful bonus.

5. Metolius Belay glove

Be a better belayer with Metolius belay gloves. These safe, ergonomically designed rope warriors withstand the most rigorous use – giving you maximum hand protection and optimum control over your rappelling and coiling. No burn, no slip-ups. A handy feature is the glove’s integrated loops – ideal for clipping your gloves to your harness when they’re not in use.

6. Moon Deluxe bouldering chalk bucket

Typical cinch closures have a habit of leaking, but not the Moon Deluxe chalk bucket. The brand have launched a new closure system, with an added external fixed cord-lock. No fussy access when clawing for chalk, just a smooth dip covering two hands for those troublesome redpoints. It keeps things tidy with zip and mesh pockets, with a padded base for stability and two easy grab handles.


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