Movement is nature’s way. It’s something that, as humans, should be effortless. But fitness has evolved. We’re able to take control of our exercise and training like never before. Technology has become smarter, smaller, and integrated into not just our fitness regime – but our entire life.

At EVO, we use cutting edge technology to nurture natural human movement. But we’re also passionate about getting outside and interacting with our environment – where gym tech isn’t freely available. Instead, take tech with you on your warm weather escapades: we’ve made it simple with this round-up of with some of the best summer fitness gadgets and gear on the market.

6 best summer fitness gadgets and gear

1. For naturally painless climbing: Tenaya Oasi shoes

Climb that massive corner with these award-winners: the Tenaya Oasi high-performance shoes. There’s virtually no angle or rock type these easy-to-wear climbers don’t grip to. The Spanish brand have nailed the pain-free comfortability factor, with a down-turn in the toebox for a natural, next-level climb. Find a distributor near you here.

2. For hands-free running: Tune Belt

If strapping on a set of trail shoes and heading off-road is how you get your exercise, then you need an armband built for the elements. Smartphones come equipped with all the GPS gizmos and activity trackers we need for data-crunching fitness, but carrying your phone on a trail is downright awkward. Fitness gadgets like the Tune Belt keep all kinds of phones snugly protected while you’re jostling off the beaten track, cases included.

3. For everlasting riding adventures: GoPro Handlebar Mount

Whether you’re a mountain biking junkie or embarking on the Tour De France, strapping a GoPro to your wheels is the perfect way to relive an exhilarating ride. Touted for its durability and versatility, the Pro Handlebar Mount is worth the investment, with the option to rotate the camera fully for 360-degree captures. It’s made to withstand elements, muck and more: take to the road, head for the hills and get dirty.

4. For lightweight hiking: Zpacks Arc Blast backpack

Hiking has come a long way. Thanks to the clever use of fabrics and tech, backpacking for fitness is easier than ever. This Arc Blast backpack by Zpacks has serious hike-appeal, allowing breathability and comfort on long walks with a clever air gap. No sweaty back, or lumpy camping gear digging into your ribs? Amen to that.

5. For smart surfing: Nixon Ultratide

Time the tide perfectly with the world’s first real-time surf conditions watch – the Ultratide by Nixon. This fitness gadget grabs data from Surfline, the most trusted global surf reporter that’s been keeping an eye on the oceans for three decades now. Pick the beach of your choice and await details of the tide, wave height, swell direction, wind direction and speed, water and surrounding temperatures – all via your mini wrist-wrapping genius.

6. For solar-powered sounds: Eton Rukus Solar

Whether you’re whitewater rafting or simply having a backyard Jacuzzi party this summer, the  Eton Rukus Solar is a swanky wireless sound system that’s perfect for on-the-go antics. Blast music wherever there’s sunshine. Take it camping, climbing, wild swimming… you can even carry it up that thigh-killer of a mountain, thanks to its lightweight, easy-to-carry, award-winning design.


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