Ready to try something new? This month, EVO brings you a cardio-bodyweight metabolic conditioning workout. If you’re onto testing your strength and endurance, this is the perfect workout for you. It consists in a simple circuit of 6 exercises performed once and timed.

Moderate-hard workout / cardio-bodyweight / timed circuit

6 exercises, 1 round only

Equipment: Rower, Bike, Treadmill, High bar


Here’s the plan:

  1. Row for 1km.
  2. Perform 30 pull-ups (beginner level: 30 TRX rows; intermediate level: 30 band-assisted pull-ups).
  3. Cycle for 1km.
  4. Do 40 push-ups (beginner level: 40 box push-ups).
  5. Run for 1km.
  6. Perform 50 squats.

After you start the stopwatch, your goal is to complete the circuit of 6 exercises as fast as possible. When you feel capable of pushing it even further, aim for a whole performance, meaning you should perform continuous repetitions with no pause in between. If you think you’re not just there yet, break up your sets into manageable reps – e.g. sets of 5 or 10 for each exercise).

This workout focuses on the basic skills of pushing, pulling and squatting, interspersed with cardio exercises. This will make you feel tired quickly, so take rest when needed, but make sure you’re not losing momentum.


ROW: 1km



30 reps

  • Pull chin to bar
  • Perform butterfly pull up, if possible
  • Aim for unbroken set; or perform in sets of 5 reps

CYCLE: 1km



40 reps

  • Maintain your body straight
  • Aim for unbroken set; or perform in sets of 5/10 reps


RUN: 1km


SQUAT: 50 reps

  • Maintain good form; thighs must drop below horizontal
  • Aim for unbroken set; or perform in sets of 10 reps