With the fantastic 4 you can create whole-body workout fot strength, core stability, endurance and power. Take a look how these four fundamental excersices become a high-intensity and timed circuit!

FANTASTIC 4: Moderate-hard workout / bodyweight circuit / 6-12 mins.

  • 4 exercises
  • 6 rounds for time
  • Equipment: high bar, exercise mat


Get ready for a lo-tech but a hi-effect whole-body workout that will test your resilience and power. The Fantastic 4 workout it’s focused on fundamental yet straightforward movements. Plus, you will not need any complicated equipment – just you and plenty of focus and grit!

Set yourself close to a high bar. You can use box/platform at hand – in case you need help reaching the bar. Place an exercise mat on the floor, and you’re ready to go. Simple, right? This is all the equipment you need.

The Fantastic 4 workout consists of 4 exercises done back-to-back – your goal is to complete six rounds. Start the clock at the beginning and stop when you have finished your rounds. You will feel more fatigued as you end each round – be sure to take additional rest in between if you need it. If you’re new to high-intensity training, you’ll find some alternative exercises to perform.

Ideally, the goal is to improve your performance each time you perform this workout.


10 reps

Jump or step up to the bar, beginning in a dead hang position. Keeping your elbows close, pull your chest towards the bar, aiming to raise the chin over the bar.

Beginner variation: stand on a plyo box under the bar, and jump into the pull up.


10 reps

Assume a push-up position with hands underneath your shoulders. Keeping a straight line along the shoulders, hips and knees, bring the chest towards the floor, before returning to the start position.

Beginner variation: perform the push-ups on your knees


10 reps

Lie flat on the mat with legs straight and arms by your sides and overhead. From this position, rapidly bring the arms and legs together, touching your feet with your hands, forming a V-shape. Keep your back straight and return to starting position in a controlled and smooth way, avoiding jerking. Return under control and repeat.

Beginner variation: bend your legs and position the hands on the side of head. Bring elbows and knees together.


Stand with arms out in front – hold your hands together if you want to. Your knees should be in line with your torso. Keeping your back straight, drop the hips towards the floor, aiming to drop them below the knees. Make sure your heels are “glued to the floor as you squat. Return and repeat.

Beginner variation: drop the hips just until your thighs are parallel with floor.

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