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fitness by design, not by default

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EVO is a forward-thinking training space that provides the optimal fitness experience. More than just a gym, EVO is a place that nurtures and develops natural human movement. Whether you walk, run, jump, lift, climb, or throw – a body trained through skilful, purposeful and playful movement is stronger, more resilient and injury-free.


Modern-day lifestyles have an enormous impact on our health. Sedentary postures, pain, and injury have negatively affected our ability to move naturally. Natural movements such as standing, squatting, walking, jumping and running – that were easy as children – have now become more challenging, and in many cases, unskilful.

How evo is different?

EVO offers a unique space where you can re-connect your mind and body to the environment through skilful, purposeful and playful movement.


To support this process, EVO has chosen the best-in-class equipment which focusses on restoring and improving natural human movement. Should you require a little more guidance and motivation, our team of expert Personal Trainers can help you get the most out of your sessions using innovative coaching techniques via 1-2-1 training.


Whether your goal is health, fitness or performance, EVO will help you achieve this in a natural, functional way.

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