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EVO's training system

EVOMOVE has developed an innovative training system which aims at improving skillful human movement to enhance performance.

EVOMOVE focusses on re-developing simple human movements with a sense of skill, purpose and play.


Skills focus on developing and maintaining static and dynamic balance. These include:

  • Single leg balance,
  • Bending and curling,
  • Twisting and turning,
  • Stretching and reaching,
  • Weight transfer.


Manipulative skills focus on object control – your own bodyweight or an external object. These include:

  • Pushing and pulling,
  • Throwing and catching,
  • Striking and kicking.


Locomotor skills move the body from one place to another. These include:

  • Crawling and walking,
  • Running and jumping,
  • Skipping and hopping
  • Climbing

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